Breathtaking Honeymoon Destinations You Don’t Need to Leave the Country For

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The world is filled with romantic, adventurous, relaxing, and all-together unforgettable honeymoon destinations. In fact, a lot of these destinations don’t even require you to leave the country. 

Honeymooning in America is becoming increasingly more popular, as newlyweds are discovering that America’s hidden gems and well-loved tourist hotspots tick all of their honeymoon boxes. So, get ready to pack a bag of the essentials (don’t forget comfortable shapewear!) and check out these romantic destinations with your partner. 

From bustling cities to relaxing tropical beaches to soaring mountains, here are just some of America’s greatest honeymoon destinations.

Lake Tahoe, California

From romantic mountain gondola rides and sunset cruises to relaxing golfing and hot-air balloon adventures, there’s something for everyone at Lake Tahoe!

The stunning blue waters juxtaposed with picturesque mountains in the background are something straight off of a postcard. If you are looking to relax and unwind, then its natural beautiful beaches are the perfect setting for your laid-back honeymoon. And more adventurous honeymooners will no doubt enjoy the scenic hiking trails that can be found in the surrounding area. Winter honeymooners must be sure to take advantage of the ski slopes, as Lake Tahoe boasts some of the best skiing on the continent!

North Shore is perfect for high-end shopping and fine dining, while the South Shore has some must-see entertainment, as well as some top casinos for the high rolling gamblers.

Havasupai, Arizona

You don’t have to leave the country to get jaw-dropping Instagrammable views. Havasupai, Arizona boasts some of the most stunning scenery in the world, largely thanks to the magic of the Havasu Falls.

Five striking waterfalls – Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls, Beaver Falls, Upper Navajo Falls, and Lower Navajo Falls – can be found in the heart of the Havasupai Reservation. They really are one of the Grand Canyon’s greatest natural treasures, and should be added to every single bucket list. Be warned, it does take a moderate ten-mile hike to get into Havasu Canyon, but everyone who has been lucky enough to go has deemed the experience well worth it!

Other things that Havasupai, Arizona offers honeymooners are romantic horseback trips, as well as helicopter rides to the canyon floor. Be sure to spend one night at the Havasu Lodge in the village, or in the campground, for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.    

US Virgin Islands

Three of The Virgin Islands (Saint Thomas, Saint Croix, and Saint John) are considered U.S territories, which means you can relax in the Caribbean paradise without even having to obtain a passport. Perfect if you want the Caribbean experience without the hassle!

Saint Thomas boasts buzzing nightlife and unrivaled shopping, while Saint John offers tranquility and fine Caribbean hospitality. The latter is definitely the one to choose if you want the classic honeymoon experience full of romance and relaxation.

Don’t leave the Virgin Islands without snorkeling at Leinster Bay, as the former sugar cane plantation is considered to be one of the best snorkeling experiences on earth! And don’t pass on the opportunity to swim with the turtles, either!

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is known for its jazz as well its unique, flavorsome cuisine, which makes it a perfect honeymoon destination for foodies and music-lovers alike.

New Orleans knows how to take care of its honeymooners, as newlyweds can unwind at one of the many spas, and indulge in some much-needed post-wedding luxurious treatments. Couples massages are always a big hit!

Honeymooners are encouraged to explore everything New Orleans has to offer with a romantic tour, with many options to choose from. The riverboat tour is a particularly exciting and romantic way to explore the area, as is cuddling up on a cozy and private carriage ride.

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is a popular destination for all occasions, but more and more honeymooners are heading to the breath-taking mountain destination every year.

It’s no secret that Aspen boasts some of the greatest skiing and snowboarding in the world, but it is also perfect for lovers to cuddle up in front of the fire either in a cozy cabin or a luxurious resort. A sleigh ride through the stunning wintry landscape is a must for honeymooners!

Aspen isn’t just a go-to destination for winter honeymoons, as there is no shortage of activities for the summer months too. White-water rafting, mountain biking, and hiking trips are just a few things that can keep you busy on your active yet romantic honeymoon. And if you consider shopping to be an activity, then there are countless high-end stores to visit too, with many fine restaurants to choose from to provide some much needed sustenance.

If you want something for Instagram, be sure to head to Maroon Bells, just a short drive from Aspen, as it is one of the most photographed mountain scenes in Colorado.   

If you’re deciding on a place to visit for your honeymoon, then be sure to consider these beautiful locations within the United States. You won’t regret the scenic view and the breathtaking experience of a lifetime!

Thank you to Rae Steinbach for writing this honeymoon planner for my blog.  Rae is a graduate of Tufts University with a combined International Relations and Chinese degree. After spending time living and working abroad in China, she returned to NYC to pursue her career and continue curating quality content. Rae is passionate about travel, food, and writing (of course).  I enjoy Rae’s writing style and enjoyed featuring her again!

 Photo by Asad Photo Maldives

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