What You Should Know About Appropriate Wedding Guest Attire

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Today, I’m welcoming an article by another guest writer, Rae Steinbach.  She has a great article with lots of tips on what wedding guests should wear to weddings. Rae is a freelance writer who is a graduate of Tufts University with a combined International Relations and Chinese degree.  After spending time living and working abroad in China, she returned to New York City to pursue her career and continue crafting quality content.  Rae is passionate about travel, food and writing (of course)!

Wedding season is officially here, which means that a lot of our weekends are quickly filling up with our friends’ and family members’ nuptials.

As joyous as weddings are, wedding guests have often been confused about what they should or shouldn’t wear – regardless of their role in the big day. So, we’ve broken it down to some very simple rules that should make wedding guest outfit shopping a breeze. Additionally, Yummie suggests that wearing a comfortable and supportive piece of bridal shapewear to boost your comfort and show off your best curves is a must!

Don’t wear white

Wearing white to someone else’s wedding is a cardinal sin. Regardless of how “chilled” and unconventional the bride might be, save your white dress for any other occasion, and wear any other color of the rainbow instead. Except, maybe, for black…

Don’t wear black

Wearing black to a wedding isn’t as offensive as wearing white, but the bride and groom might wonder why you have chosen to wear such a dark and gloomy color to their special day. If you can avoid it, save your chic, classic LBD for your next ladies’ night, and make the most of the wide selection of colorful wedding guest dresses out there.

Don’t upstage the bride

Although the bride and groom want you to dress up for their wedding day, they don’t want you to wear your fanciest ball gown either. A little bit of sparkle is fine, but top to toe sequins might be taking it a bit too far. Find a middle ground for a happy bride and groom!  

Invest in accessories

Accessories will be your best friends this wedding season – especially if you have multiple weddings to attend. You can get away with wearing the same dress with different accessories to create a whole new look, which is a cost-effective alternative to splashing out on an entirely brand new outfit. 

A hot pink dress, for example, can be accessorized with matching pink shoes, statement earrings and a multi-colored clutch bag for one wedding, and then with subtler accessories such as nude sandals, a nude bag and a pale pink fascinator for another. Neon is a huge trend right now, so the same pink dress could even be accessorized with a florescent orange bag for maximum wow factor.

Stay classy

Don’t wear anything too revealing, as weddings are generally considered to be family events. Plunging necklines, barely there hemlines, and racy cutaway dresses should be saved for the club as opposed to the wedding chapel.

Don’t be too casual  

We know we said that you shouldn’t upstage the bride, but you also shouldn’t look like you have just gotten out of bed either. Stick with timeless, classy pieces and don’t go for anything too “trendy” if it is on the casual side. Although ripped jeans would be frowned upon, that’s not to say that all trousers are off the menu. Crisp trousers teamed with a chic blazer, for example, would make for a great alternative to a dress.

Make the most of summer

Summer weddings are the perfect excuse to get dressed up in your most summery clothes. Not only does this mean cute, floral dresses, for example, but it also means going bold and bright with the color palette too. Vibrant brights and pretty pastels are equally perfect for summer weddings. 

Just be sure to check what color the bridesmaids are wearing – especially if you are wearing a block color – as you don’t want to be awkwardly mistaken for a member of the bridal party.

Bring flats

We advise wearing comfortable heels that you know you can stand, walk and dance in for hours on end. But, no matter how comfortable the aforementioned shoes are, we know that there’s going to come a point in the evening when your feet will hurt. To avoid missing out on all the fun on the dance floor, we recommend bringing a pair of flats to change into. Even if you stay in your heels until the last dance (always a proud moment!) you’ll appreciate walking home/to the taxi in a pair of comfortable flats!


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