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A wedding ceremony is one of the most important events in a person’s life. Everyone desires that their special day is perfect and they are united in marriage with their partner in the presence of all their loved ones. Beautiful moments with the loved ones are shared on this event and it is essential that all these moments are captured and saved forever. So that every time you get nostalgic about it, you can just bring out the huge photo album and go back to those good times. As every couple wants the best of everything for their wedding, they must also choose a photographer that is up to date with all the hottest wedding photography trends.

1. Bride to-be

We can’t deny that the bride usually gets more attention during the wedding. She gets her own solo photo shoot, too! With so much effort put into every single detail, whether it is her wedding dress or the flowers in her hair, she really does deserve all that attention. Most of the bride pictures just show off the bride’s glamorous makeup, her princess-like dress and lot of flowers. Pictures like these are essential but don’t hold a lot of emotional meaning. Photos of the bride getting-ready have a lot of sentiments attached to them, though. Try to capture the beautiful moments the bride has with her friends and family during this time. The bride spends a lot of her time planning for the big day and everything has to be perfect. These pictures will remind her of how everything went just as she had planned. For example, pictures of a bride getting her henna designed or her hair made are popular in bridal photography.


2. Bridesmaid shots

The getting-ready pictures must also include pictures with the bridesmaids helping the bride get things done, such as helping her wear her shoes or get into her dress. One of the hottest trends is to get silly pictures of the bridesmaids with the bride and the best men with the groom. Use of props such as sunglasses can make the pictures look fun. This way of taking pictures is way more amusing than the basic group pictures with everyone just looking straight into the camera, unnaturally smiling. Don’t forget to take candid shots, as they capture the essence of friendship in the way that no deliberate pose can! There are numerous ideas for taking creative bridesmaid/best men pictures all over the internet. Just Google some up, mix and match them to create your own poses or just recreate the already existing ones. Save the ones you really like so that you can show them to the bride/groom squad and tell them to replicate it.

3. Here comes the bride

It is touching to photograph the entrance of the bride, as she walks down the aisle with her arm linked to her father’s. Other elements in this moment such as flower girls dressed in puffed up frocks holding flower baskets or fireworks going off on each sides of the aisle make the pictures look even more magical. This is that intimate moment when the groom and bride look at each other for the first time in their wedding attire. The trend of capturing the reaction of the groom and bride is very popular nowadays. The couple may tear up after seeing their partner look so perfect and it would be a total loss to not capture that heartwarming part of the wedding. In Indian weddings, gilded horse carriages and even motorbikes are used for the bride and groom’s entrance.

4. Proud parents

Walking down the aisle with her father is not only the only intimate time a bride spends with her family on her wedding. Some marriage ceremonies also include father-daughter dances and it is an absolute must to photograph these events. Emotional moments between the mother and her daughter or son are also heart touching to photograph. Some photographers even take pictures of the parent’s first reaction to seeing their child as a bride or groom. That’s all about candid pictures with the parents. It is also essential to take posed pictures such as a picture of the father kissing the forehead of the bride or one of the mother fixing the wedding dress.

5. Love is in the air

Overhead photography requires the use of drones to take creative aerial pictures of the couple or everyone at the wedding. Either way, aerial shots can really capture the essence of the whole wedding. A lot has to be pre-checked before bringing a drone to someone’s special day. Make sure that you are trained to fly a drone and have earned the license. You must also check if there are any policies involved for using a drone at the venue. You don’t want to create tension for the families during the wedding so it’s better to be careful.  If the bride has a fluffed up dress with a trail, then an aerial shot is almost necessary. It will make the couple look like it jumped right out of a Disney movie, and who doesn’t want that?

6. Happy family

Just like the braid maids photos, very formal family group pictures look fake and superficial. Thus, people like to go for casual shots where everyone is not giving a fake smile and standing in one uniform pose. Instead, they like to laugh a little, point at the bride or just lean in to form a giant group hug. Usually, pictures like these are taken right after the ceremony when everyone is more relaxed and have fewer responsibilities to worry about. Again, candid pictures are very important in any group pictures since everyone is in their comfort zone when they’re not posing and if the timing is right, sometimes you can catch really cute moments. Wearing colour coded clothes is very in and it makes the pictures look even more intimate and themed.

7. Go basic

While some couples want magical out-of-this-world photographs involving photo manipulation, smoke bombs and props, other want plain old traditional ones. Therefore, it’s the job of the photographer to communicate and understand what’s required by the bride and groom. In the old days, there wasn’t much creativity involved in wedding photography. There were a small bunch of poses that almost every couple were told to do. Lately, wedding photography has revolutionized and lots of equipment and props are used to make them look appealing. At this point, some people feel that this kind of photography isn’t for them and want to go back to the vintage simple photography for their wedding. To give the pictures a classy traditional vibe, black and white wedding pictures look very vintage yet cool.


8. Picture perfect

Prop stations and photo booths are the latest trends which have taken wedding photography by storm. This concept was being used in children’s birthday parties for a very time. Now, adult versions of props and booths also exist. The props can be made at home using simple craft supplies like chart paper, glue and glitter. Surprisingly enough, now the birthday and wedding decoration shops have started keeping ready-made props at their shops due to the increased demand. As it is the age of social media, the photo booths are a great hit and provide a great opportunity for the photographers to capture the guests having a blast, messing around with these photo stations.

9. Furry guests

Usually, there is at least one pet in a household that has great importance in the family. This position of great respect is mostly given to dogs. If you are taking pictures with all your friends and family, then why leave your pet out of it? No matter which animal it may be, pets can be a great accessory for wedding photography. One of the coolest trends is to make your pet the bearer of the wedding rings. It is a risky but a heart-melting move to trust your animal with such a huge responsibility. Being the cute creatures that they are, they only make the wedding pictures look better. A pet gives the images a more personalized look! One way to make your pet even cuter in your wedding pictures is to make them wear a bowtie or flower crown so that they look all festive and fancy like the rest of the guests.

10. Pre and post

Another trend which has popped up these days in the idea of pre and post wedding shoots. Many couples believe that a pre-shoot is a waste of time and money, while others believe that it is a rehearsal for the actual wedding photo shoot. One of the most obvious benefits is that the bride and groom become comfortable with the photographer and this also gives the photographer an opportunity to understand the best angles and poses for the couple. Pre-wedding shoots are more tension-free and relaxing. There are no heavy dresses and formalities involved in these shoots, so that’s why they are a little more original and memorable. The trend is not only limited to taking pictures before the wedding but also after it! So, honeymoon pictures also contribute greatly to the wedding album.

11. Motion ride

Motion photography basically captures an array of normal images and combines them to create the motion effect. You need around 12-25 pictures to do this. If the right amount of creativity and expertise are combined, the outcome is very dramatic. Stop motion photos aren’t quite pictures or videos, but a hybrid of the two. A quirky sound track in the background makes it look even more alive. Many photographers are turning to this type of photography/videography to make the wedding highlights video seem more alluring. Not all photographers take stop-motion pictures but the ones who do are always in support of it and persuade the couple to give it a try. People even make fun stop-motion pictures by doing some crazy silly thing with their friends and family and it looks totally adorable.

12. Back lit

How about you take a picture when the sunlight peeking from behind of the subject? This results in soft and warm pictures perfect for couple photography. The best time to do this type of photography is around sunset or sunrise when the light is almost golden. This is also known as the golden hour. Taking pictures in the golden hour is the newest trend in the field of photography.  Although, backlit photography is not limited to daytime only, you can do this at night if you can arrange your own light source, like an external flash. One must admit that even though backlit pictures look very romantic and classy, they are unfortunately the most clichéd type of wedding pictures out there. Especially the one in which the bride and groom and kissing and while blocking the light source, therefore only their silhouettes are visible.

13. Smoke bombs

A wedding album should have all kinds of pictures, ranging from basic traditional ones to creative and different ones. Now, there are way too many basic shots that one can think of but creative ones need a little more time and energy. The craze of smoke bombs gave the photographers the amazing idea to use them in wedding pictures. The smoke bombs look so mesmerizing that all the photographer has to do is take the right picture at the right moment and that’s it!

14. Photo manipulation

Using smoke bombs is an easy way to make the pictures look unique but some photographers take it a notch up and go wild with the photo editing. This is called photo manipulation. A common wedding photo manipulation is when the editor makes it look like the groom and bride are flying in the air or stuck in a bubble. There are limitless possibilities to photo manipulation and one can go as far as one’s imagination takes him. Furthermore, it is better to let only the professionals deal with photo manipulation because it can go very wrong if done carelessly.

There are a lot of trends to follow and a lot of ways to follow them. You can go simple and basic, and you can get creative and special, or have an amalgam of both. It’s all up to what the bride and groom feel content with. There is no point of forcing something of them that they are not comfortable with. After all, it’s their big day and it’s their right to choose what they want.